YouLumi spectrum

How does the spectrum affect plants?

How do beginners pick out YouLumi LED Grow Lights, and here we are.YouLumi use 10V source of dimming function to control PPFD to meet every growth stage of plants and leaf vegetables and fruits growing, which are the best replacement of traditional halogen lamps and sodium lamps. Apply to Green House, Vertical Farming, Marijuana Cultivation and so on.

YouLumi spectrum

Light quality: red light action 610-680nm.1.Red light is the main force of photosynthesis, and photosynthesis is the best under certain blue light conditions;2. The photosynthetic efficiency of red light is the highest in weak light environment;Red light controls the photo period and flowering rhythm. PR/PFR affects the flowering period.4. Red light mainly helps plants produce carbohydrates, which makes plants grow taller and larger.

YouLumi cannabis

Light quality: blue light at 420-470nm.

1. The effect of blue light on plant photosynthesis is less than that of red light under weak light environment;

2. Blue light plays an important role in the early growth of plants, which is conducive to the formation of developed roots.

3. Blue light inhibited the growth of tree trunks and leaves, but increased the thickness of tree trunks;

4. Chlorophyll a/b has a strong absorption peak in the blue light region, which mainly helps the plant to synthesize protein and amino acid;

5. Proper blue light can make plant growth more symmetrical and healthy, and improve the quality of plant yield.

YouLumi cannabis

Light quality :730-750nm infrared light:Emerson effect (dual light gain effect) In 1957, biologist Robert Emerson conducted an experiment in which he determined that green plants were more sensitive to red light (at 660nm) and infrared light (at 700nm).Photosynthesis is much more efficient under light than at 660nm alone.

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