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how well do full spectrum led grow lights work?

by lumiyou on August 09, 2021

how well do full spectrum led grow lights work?

In accordance with the laws of plant growth, the full spectrum grow light consistently emits wavelengths in the range of 380 to 780nm. This includes those wavelengths visible to the human eye and the invisible wavelengths, like ultraviolet and infrared. It can help plants carry out photosynthesis at any time, and can effectively prolong and scientifically control the light needed by stages of plants. So can help your plants grow healthier and yield better harvests with quality and intensity of light.

full spectrum led grow lights

what are full spectrum led grow lights?

Full-spectrum led grow lights are developed to mimic the natural sunlight, which is conducive to the growth of plants. they are designed to output a balanced spectrum from 380NM to 780NM, a continuous spectrum. the wavelength segments of a spectrum, without extremely misaligned peaks and troughs, The light source closest to the solar spectrum. Plants thrive when given the quality and intensity of light.

full spectrum led grow lights

how full spectrum led grow lights work

full spectrum is from 380NM to 780NM,plants call for different spectrums at different stages of growth. Contains wavelengths of 400 ~ 420nm, helps to form anthocyanins, and resists elongation of branches and leaves. The wavelength was 450 ~ 460nm, which could thicken stem and leaf, accelerate plant development and regulate stomatal opening.

At 550nm, it promotes the growth of oxygen and helps tissues store nutrients better. The wavelength of 580nm can promote the growth of roots and early germination.

Wavelength 650 ~ 660nm, promote the overall growth of the plant, especially in the flowering and fruiting period, increase the growth rate, also increase the number of fruit, and reduce the incidence of malformed fruit. 720-1000 nm stimulated cell elongation and affected flowering and seed germination.

Ultraviolet rays can effectively prevent pests and diseases

full spectrum led grow lights

led grow lights when to use full spectrum

With the promotion of agricultural greenhouses and the popularization of indoor plant factories, the demand for indoor grows light supplements gradually increases. Some areas where plants hardly get natural sunlight, even close to the 24-hour dark environment. Different wavelengths of light have different effects on the photosynthesis of plants, and the spectrum of plants is not comprehensive. In this case, installing full-spectrum grow lights will help well in all stages of the growth

full spectrum led grow lights
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by Gustavo Adolfo Rodríguez on August 11, 2021

Your information is very interesante. How is the number of ligths calculated to cover the growing área?


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