Everything You Need to Know About LED Retrofit Kit

LED is a great light revolution after Edison invented the light bulb. And It is an essential green technology light revolution for human beings. Have you been thinking about an LED retrofit kits? If you don't well know what LED Retrofit Kits is, then you've come to the right place.  I'll introduce LED Retrofit Kits to you.


What is Youlumi LED Retrofit Kits?

An LED retrofit kit involves an LED driver and an LED light panel to be installed in a fixture to replace the existing light for a higher efficiency LED lamp.Therefore, the retrofit kit is composed of bracket, sleeve, screw and quarter turn fastener,basically ,It’s a LED Head, an external driver and a series of mounting plates(PS: Brackets can be  mounted vertically or horizontally in fixture).LED Retrofit Kit and driver are fully separated allowing the driver to achieve the ideal working condition.Moreover, most of the kits also include a reflector, which is specially designed for the kit and can effectively guide the light from the lamp and project the light to the place where it is needed.






Why LED Retrofit Kits?

In modern times, the circuit equipment has formed a network, and most of them are satisfied with the output and layout of the existing lamps. But the traditional lamps and lanterns used are aging, and energy consumption is large, not green. So refitting is more cost-effective than completely redesigning (including replacing lamps, bulbs and ballasts). LED is green energy, energy saving, environmental protection ,Long lifespan and good heat dissipation. Many customers who choose to use LED retro fit kits achieve 50-75% cost savings over redesign. And One of the biggest advantages of LED lights is long service life-up to 50000-100000 hours.

Compared with the traditional light source,LED Retrofit Kits has better environmental protection benefits. There is no UV or IR in the LED spectrum. The waste can be recycled without pollution and mercury. LED Retrofit Kits can be safely touched. This is a typical green light source. LED Retrofit Kits do not use high-risk mercury fluorescent lamps, nor do they have mercury ions, phosphors and other harmful substances.LED is a more advanced cold light source, cold light source is almost no infrared spectrum light source, when objects emit light, its temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature. It will not make the bulb yellow, will not accelerate the aging of lamps, and will not constitute a greenhouse effect on the surrounding environment.

Led refit kits are also less destructive to refitting. An LED refitting kit is usually just an integrated LED lamp, which is lighter, thinner and more integrated. Most refitting kits can be installed and used while the original fixture remains in place.Installation is also very simple and convenient, but need to pay attention to Switch off the power supply before installation and let the electrician or the person who has the same ability to install the lamp. The LED Retrofit kit Must be connected via the Driver supplied. Connecting direct will destroy the kit.Step 1: Remove the reflector,and all other existing components except socket(E26/E39) from the fixture.Step 2: Fix the retrofit into position in the fixture by E26/E39 socket. Fix the driver with the existing screw holes of reflector.Step 3: Connect the driver's DC output wires to the retrofit kit by the supplied connectors. Step 4: Connect the driver's Positive(L), negative(N), and ground(G) to the existing wiring to the fixture using the snap-action connectors.

Please noted that The E26/E39 socket on the “Y”bracket is only for fix the retrofit kit, no power connection on it.Secure any loose wires with zip ties to prevent them form interacting with the cooling fan. The luminaire should be marked "This luminaire has been modified and can no longer operate the originally intended lamp”.

Attention: Use wire nuts to connect the Driver DC output and the LED input connections ensuring correct polarity.

» Please always use the light out of its package. Before starting use of the light, please check if the light was damaged during transportation. If any damage shown, please do not install or use it.

» Any maintenance should be performed by trained professionals only.

» Keep packaging materials away from the reach of children and pets. Risks of suffocation!

» Caution! The packaging contains small parts that may be swallowed by children.

» Never leave children unattended in the vicinity of the lights and do not allow them to play with electrical devices.

» Try to avoid looking directly in the LED beam-especially for extended periods of time.

» Do not shine the LED light in another person’s eyes.

» Never cover the light by other objects.

» The products need to re-repair, inspection or special treatment of retirement after service time.



Where to use LED Retrofit Kits?

Retrofit kits are ideal for situations where the design and layout of the lighting system is satisfactory, but the efficiency of the system needs to be improved to reflect improvements in technology.LED retrofit kits is deal for Shoeboxes, streetlights, flood lights, wall packs, high bays, and canopy retrofits.Like, it can be used inside shoebox fixtures to replace older technology, such as metal halide lights,HID , while keeping the same look and design of the original fixture.






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