LED bulbs

LED bulbs for existing lighting installations

Tens of millions of residential, commercial, and industrial customers around the world are upgrading their existing lighting equipment to take advantage of the advantages associated with LED lighting. For many customers, it is impractical or economically unfeasible to replace existing traditional lamps with brand new LED lamps. For these customers, being able to easily upgrade or retrofit their existing lighting equipment to accept LED bulb technology is a huge benefit. It enables them to enjoy the performance and energy efficiency advantages of LED lighting without the cost and labor involved in replacing their lamps with new devices.


LED bulbs


YOULUMI provides LED bulbs of various powers, sizes, and color temperatures to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Compared with traditional lightings such as HID, high-pressure sodium lamps, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, our lamps have significantly improved lumen performance and energy efficiency. In addition, our LED lights have significantly improved color rendering performance, increased visibility, and created a more pleasant environment for life and work.

YOULUMI’s LED retrofit department has everything needed to upgrade fluorescent lamps, CFL, or HID systems to LED lighting. The retrofit will provide you with high-quality lighting and significant economic and environmental benefits without the need to increase the time and cost of overhauling the lighting system.

Simply put, retrofitting is to replace the lights in the existing system with new or better technology. This is an ideal solution when you are satisfied with the current lighting design and layout, but efficiency or quality needs to be improved. Choosing LED lighting can improve the lighting quality, which is 30% brighter than CRT or fluorescent lamps, while saving 50% to 90% of energy, and the bulb life is up to 10 years. The result is long-term energy saving, which will pay for the cost of renovation within 2 to 4 years and continue to save you money for a long time thereafter. LED lighting is also an environmentally responsible choice. It reduces the carbon footprint and does not leak hazardous waste into the soil or waterways.

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