LED Construction Lighting

LED Construction Lights

Upgrade your work equipment with YOULUMI's LED Construction lights!  YOULUMI's LED lights for construction sites have the advantages of high luminous efficiency and long life. They are energy-saving and environmentally friendly light sources. Its design can provide you with professional-level lighting under any circumstances, allowing the workplace to reach a new level.


YOULUMI's LED Construction lights are small and sturdy (IK08), so they are easy to carry on the road and meet various challenges. You can use it outdoors, and their waterproof rating can reach up to IP64, so it can work well even in light rain.


The brightness of YOULUMI's LED Construction lights can reach up to 39,000 lumen, which is suitable for large-scale high-brightness lighting needs of various large-scale construction operations, accident repairs, emergency rescue and disaster relief, such as railways, electricity, public security, fire protection, petroleum, petrochemicals, etc .


Back to the technical level, the color temperature of the LED work lights of YOULUMI for construction sites can be selected from 4000K-6700K, and the high lighting quality is more conducive to the improvement of work efficiency.