LED Corn Bulb

What's a 480vac LED corn light bulb?

A: A 480vac corn light bulb is a bulb that is well suited with higher voltages up to 480vac. Most led corn light bulbs are most effective compatible with voltages as much as 277vac, known as general voltage. Going from 200vac-480vac lets in the bulb to be set up in areas in which high voltage is used.


What does 300vac-480vac suggest?

A: This suggests the voltage variety the light or bulb will paintings on. Known as a multi-volt fixture or driver. In this situation 300vac-480vac method any voltage you are the use of from 200-480v will work., not unusual examples are 208vac, 277vac, 347vac, and 480vac. In traditional multi-volt ballasts, you needed to punch out tabs, but more modern LED is typically auto-switching

480VAC is a commonly used voltage in commercial and industrial power systems. It refers to the Root-Mean-Squared (RMS) value of the line-line AC voltage. It is typically supplied at a frequency of 60Hz and has a peak value of approximately 679V.


Why LED Retrofit Kits?

In modern times, the circuit equipment has formed a network, and most of them are satisfied with the output and layout of the existing lamps. But the traditional lamps and lanterns used are aging, and the energy consumption is large, not green. So refitting is more cost-effective than completely redesigning (including replacing lamps, bulbs, and ballasts). LED are green energy, energy saving, environmental protection, Long lifespan, and good heat dissipation. Many customers who choose to use LED retrofit kits achieve 50-75% cost savings over the redesign. And one of the biggest advantages of LED lights is the long service life-up to 50000-100000 hours.

Compared with the traditional light source, LED Retrofit Kits has better environmental protection benefits. There is no UV or IR in the LED spectrum. The waste can be recycled without pollution and mercury. LED Retrofit Kits can be safely touched. This is a typical green light source. LED Retrofit Kits do not use high-risk mercury fluorescent lamps, nor do they have mercury ions, phosphorus, and other harmful substances.LED is a more advanced cold light source, cold light source is almost no infrared spectrum light source, when objects emit light, its temperature is not higher than the ambient temperature. It will not make the bulb yellow, will not accelerate the aging of lamps, and will not constitute a greenhouse effect on the surrounding environment.

Led refit kits are also less destructive to refitting. An LED refitting kit is usually just an integrated LED lamp, which is lighter, thinner, and more integrated. Most refitting kits can be installed and used while the original fixture remains in place. Installation is also very simple and convenient but one needs to pay attention to Switch off the power supply before installation and let the electrician or the person who has the same ability install the lamp. The LED Retrofit kit Must be connected via the Driver supplied. Connecting directly will destroy the kit.


Where to use LED Retrofit Kits?

Retrofit kits are ideal for situations where the design and layout of the lighting system are satisfactory, but the efficiency of the system needs to be improved to reflect improvements in technology.LED retrofit kits are a deal for Shoeboxes, streetlights, floodlights, wall packs, high bays, and canopy retrofits. Like, it can be used inside shoebox fixtures to replace older technology, such as metal halide lights, HID, while keeping the same look and design of the original fixture.


LED bulbs for existing lighting installations

Tens of millions of residential, commercial, and industrial customers around the world are upgrading their existing lighting equipment to take advantage of the advantages associated with LED lighting. For many customers, it is impractical or economically unfeasible to replace existing traditional lamps with brand new LED lamps. For these customers, being able to easily upgrade or retrofit their existing lighting equipment to accept LED bulb technology is a huge benefit. It enables them to enjoy the performance and energy efficiency advantages of LED lighting without the cost and labor involved in replacing their lamps with new devices.

YOULUMI provides LED bulbs of various powers, sizes, and color temperatures to meet the needs of residential, commercial, and industrial customers. Compared with traditional lightings such as HID, high-pressure sodium lamps, CFL, and incandescent bulbs, our lamps have significantly improved lumen performance and energy efficiency. In addition, our LED lights have significantly improved color rendering performance, increased visibility, and created a more pleasant environment for life and work.

YOULUMI’s LED retrofit department has everything needed to upgrade fluorescent lamps, CFL, or HID systems to LED lighting. The retrofit will provide you with high-quality lighting and significant economic and environmental benefits without the need to increase the time and cost of overhauling the lighting system.

Simply put, retrofitting is to replace the lights in the existing system with new or better technology. This is an ideal solution when you are satisfied with the current lighting design and layout, but efficiency or quality needs to be improved. Choosing LED lighting can improve the lighting quality, which is 30% brighter than CRT or fluorescent lamps, while saving 50% to 90% of energy, and the bulb life is up to 10 years. The result is long-term energy saving, which will pay for the cost of renovation within 2 to 4 years and continue to save you money for a long time thereafter. LED lighting is also an environmentally responsible choice. It reduces the carbon footprint and does not leak hazardous waste into the soil or waterways.


LED Corn bulbs

YOULUMI's LED Corn bulbs are a direct replacement device for existing metal halide lamps, high-pressure sodium lamps, CFL bulbs, and even incandescent lamps, and are a popular choice. Because the LEDs are arranged in a series of rows, they have the appearance of a corncob-hence the name. YOULUMI corn light provides a beam pattern close to 360°, provides efficient lighting options and can be used with lamps designed for bulbs with common E26 and E39 size bases.


LED Corn lighting fixtures

Designed to replace steel halide and excessive-pressure sodium lamps, those LED corn bulbs are a great alternative that stores energy and lower utility charges. LED corn lighting fixtures also final longer than conventional concealed lamps, so that you store money on alternative costs and renovation. To be had in a number of Lumen outputs, those LED retrofits produce the same amount of light output in their concealed light bulb equivalent. Similarly to being extra power efficient, LED corn cob lamps to have better Lumen maintenance than trendy metallic halide lamps that means that even as MH bulbs lose Lumens speedily, LED retrofits preserve a brilliant light in the course of their lifespan.

These LED corn lighting fixtures are available in more than a few shade temperatures from the very warm white mild comparable to the coloration of high-strain sodium bulbs to the close to sunlight hours white mild. To higher personalize your utility, we feature a huge sort of beam attitude options, brands, and base kinds. These LED corn bulbs are best for programs consisting of enclosed pole pinnacle, shoeboxes, and normal hid furniture. Do not know which light bulb you want? Attain out to our professional in-residence personnel these days!


YOULUMI’s LED lights allow you to upgrade almost all existing systems

YOULUMI's LED light bar luminaire part includes a complete kit with shunt and non-shunt sockets. We also have a variety of LED lights to choose from to replace the fluorescent tubes traditionally installed in these strip lamps. The HID to LED commercial retrofit kits your stock can be used with our high-quality in-house brand replacement corn lamps, with power ranging from 15 to 360 watts.

LED luminaire retrofit kits provide superior savings by using less energy and eliminating the need for ballasts. Certain kits are included in the DLC and are eligible for state or local energy subsidies. There are multiple color temperatures for the transformation of LED lamps, including 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, 4000K, 4500K, 5000K, 5700K, and 6000K, which can be used to reduce eye damage and increase visibility.


Where to use LED lighting retrofit

Troffer retrofit kits are ideal for hotels, hospitals, offices, and auditoriums. Bar light retrofit kits are suitable for storage facilities, warehouses, and garages. For areas where moisture may be present, such as bathrooms and utility rooms, look for fixtures with a wet-location rating.