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The Full Spectrum LED grow lights is the newest player in the lighting game. This new lighting system has revolutionized crop production even though many farmers and cultivators still pronounce the name correctly. Initially, the term full-spectrum light was linked to a natural full-spectrum light source (the sun). Subsequently, the term began to be affiliated with the light that emanates from the sun.  

The name full-spectrum was a ploy by the commercial lighting industry to sell lights that produced a Color Rendering Index (CRI) over 90. The Full-spectrum lighting systems became an instant hit in our lives and plants because humans distinguish colors more precisely under light sources with a CRI over 90. All of which is evident from the way we see colors in our natural world under daylight. Today, humans use not only full-spectrum lights for farming but also in human environments.

Full Spectrum Led Grow Light

The name full-spectrum LED grow light is a marketing term that implies your grow light radiates similar lighting power to that of the sun. Since its discovery, many farmers and cultivators have resulted in its use, especially those who cultivate their crops indoors. Unlike the traditional bulbs we have on offer today, these special lighting devices are designed to radiate lighting power that mimics that of the sun while easing the growth of plants.

LED Grow Light: Growing Plants Better

Since the industrial revolution, great minds have had one thing in mind. That is, making their ideas come to reality. With the rapid increase in demand for certain plant species, farmers interested in indoor cultivation now have their solution in Full Spectrum LED Grow Light. Thanks to its effectiveness, since its inception, LED’s acceptance has grown significantly. Amongst other things, here are some characteristics of the full spectrum led grow lights.

  • It is cost-effective
  • It is eco-friendly
  • It comes with high quantum efficacy
  • Requires no time to reach full brightness
  • It is versatile

Despite the immense popularity and increased demand for LED, Grow Lights are the most in-demand lighting equipment today and surveyed to be treasured by all.

LED Grow Light: Bounty Harvest

Although farming requires skills, the type of plants you desire to cultivate and the quality of LED Grow Light you’d use is also a critical piece of the bounty harvest puzzle.  Researchers opined that operating a 200W LED (200W actual power draw, not an “equivalent” wattage) can yield an estimated 100-200g on average or 3.5 to 7 ounces.


At YOULUMI, our LED Grow Lights has over 50,000 hours lifespan, sandwiched with a five-year warranty. Making YOULUMIS LED Grow Lights much more durable than the traditional Grow Lights impressively saves more than 70% power. Should you require our full spectrum led grow lights




Since the dawn of time and the inception of formal education, agriculture has always been a mainstay. In the absence of no jobs or suitable paid jobs, this mode of employment has been instrumental in providing and eradicating hunger in homes and some nations worldwide. While the demand for agricultural products continues to hit record heights thanks to an increase in population, researchers are trying to bridge that gap.

All of which is by creating new lighting facilities or systems that work on crops like natural sunlight. The Led Grow Light does not only help with photosynthesis but also creates an avenue for plants grown indoors to have the same feel and growth rate as those cultivated outdoors. With that in mind, a lighting system credited with improving yields of agricultural products the world over is termed simply as Led Grow Lights.

Led Grow Lights

Engineered by technological advancements and extensive research, traditional farming (outdoor) is gradually becoming an indoor venture. Credited by the availability of top-notch lighting systems and or technologies, these specialized lighting systems produce the required photosynthesis and create an avenue for bounty harvest.

It is worth noting that, despite the availability of many lighting devices on offer today, none have identical features and qualities as the led grow light, especially when it comes to indoor cultivation of certain plant species. Therefore, should you desire to grow certain plants that require visit adequate lighting for a bountiful harvest, kindly reach out to our online shop and take a look at our collection of led grow lights.

What Makes Led Grow Lights Unique

Unlike the traditional bulbs in homes, the LED grow light is unique. Designed to produce the required lumination for plants, especially cannabis, the LED Grow lights can stay cool while switched on for long hours, a reasonable amount of electricity. Also, our Led Grow Lights are cost-effective, eco-friendly, high quantum efficacy, as well as taking no time to reach full brightness.

Led Grow Lights Prices

Led Grow Light comes in different shapes, sizes, qualities, and prices. However, those produced by us (You Lumi) are exceptional, and their performance levels and durability are second to none. Depending on the dimension of your indoor garden and the plants you grow, our led grow lights ranges from as little as $249.95 (120W LED Grow Light Quantum) to $2,099.95 (1200W LED Grow Light Octopus)




The world we live in today sandwiched with advancements in technology means many people no longer depend on farming for their livelihood. However, and for those who do, science has made it possible for certain plants to strive in any season, provided you have the right tools to make it happen (lighting, organic manure), and many others.

YOULUMI: Changing the LED Grow Lights

Investing in agriculture, the legal cannabis industry (growing cannabis) is lucrative though it comes with its fair share of investments. Like most vegetables are grown indoors, adequate lighting always proves a problem, especially in areas with colder climatic conditions. While some plants will do well, others require much more lighting for better yields. Thanks to the contributions of YOULUMI, all your lighting worry(s) will be a thing of the past.

YOULUMI: LED Grow Lights

Light-emitting diode, also known as (LED), is an ideal pick for most cultivators seeking adequate lighting systems for growing crops indoors. The popularity of this lighting system comes from its energy-efficient, eco-friendly, and ability to produce full-spectrum light. Unlike the traditional household bulbs, LED grow lights are unique, different, and ideal for agricultural purposes.

Types of LED Grow Lights

LED grow lights come in diverse shapes and sizes. However, carrying out some research regarding the most suitable ones would come in handy when choosing the ideal one. Also, you could reach out to YouLumi. With that in mind, enclosed below some ideal LED grow lights for your indoor garden

1. Spread-Style

These LED grow lights come with many tiny lights spread across the surface, making them effective in providing light to many plants.


2. Chip on Board (COB)

The Chip on Board or COB for shots lights like the spread-style also comes with several minute LEDs placed close together on a single chip. All of which is for a single and powerful point of light. Unlike spread-style LEDs, which offer equal lighting coverage, the COB, on the other hand, relies primarily on its center point for optimal lighting.

3. Traditional

When it comes to small spaces for indoor cultivation, traditional LED grow lamps are just what you need because of their compact nature. Furthermore, traditional LED grow lights use LEDs known to provide medium power and comes with multicolored LEDs. All of which gives a colorful appearance that may or may not be appealing to the growers.

Best LED Grow Lights Offered By Youlumi

At YOULUMI, we offer LED grow lights designed to handle your desired needs. Also, and because, LED grow light comes in different sizes to suit your garden or indoor space.

  • 1200W LED Grow Light Octopus
  • YOULIMI 960W LED Grow Light Octopus
  • 640W LED Grow Light Octopus
  • 450W LED Grow Light Quantum
  • YOULUMI Octopus 320W LED Grow Light
  • 320W LED Grow Light Quantum
  • 240W LED Grow Light Quantum
  • 120W LED Grow Light Quantum


Should you require any of the LED mentioned above Grow Lights ,we’d take your farming experience to the next level.