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The advantages of Youlumi Octopus LED grow lightss

  1. Professional adaptation, taking into account the spectrum of cannabis in the early growth period and flowering period; whether it is 430nm blue light and 660nm red light, it can provide high-quality spectra with an energy amplitude of more than 1.0; 430nm blue light spectrum not only makes the seedlings in the seedling stage very fast Growth, it can also make the rod diameter grow thicker and the leaves larger, and can provide sufficient nutrients for the flowering period; the high-energy 660nm red light spectrum has stronger penetrating power, which can promote the nutrient delivery in the rod diameter and leaves more fully, It can also promote the blooming of flowers and the more effective ingredients that can be transformed into fruits;
  2. Use OSRAM red light beads and Samsung white light beads; Osram 3030 red light beads are recognized in the plant lighting industry with the best red light penetration and uniformity, and the light decay has reached LM80 requirements; The Samsung white light 301B lamp beads have the most significant effect on the growth of plants;
  3. The measured value of the energy efficiency of the whole lamp reaches 2.6umol/J; it fully simulates the sunlight at 10 o'clock in the morning, which can give the best light to the plants and effectively shorten the growth cycle;
  4. Unique lamp design, at a height of 6 inches, not only can provide effective light and promote plant growth; but also will not cause plant radiation damage like HPS;
  5. The 54V LED lamp board voltage design can make the whole lamp efficiency reach 95%; the conversion efficiency is high, and the electric energy utilization rate is high;
  6. The use of professional waterproof power supplies that have passed UL/ETC certification can make the lampwork more stable, and the warranty period is up to 5 years;
  7. YOULUMI Octopus 320W LED Grow Light led grow light is mainly used in the seedling period. Suitable light can promote the growth of seedlings and effectively reduce the occurrence of stubborn and dead plants;
  8. 640W LED Grow Light Octopus, as the mainstream full-spectrum plant growth light, can provide sufficient light and energy from the early stage of plant growth, the flowering stage to the harvest stage; this has been verified by the market and has been recognized by a wide range of customers;
  9. 730W/800W led grow light, as an upgraded product of 640W, can increase the effective light by 25% in the same area, which can make plants grow better; this is the led grow light with the highest energy efficiency ratio and has gradually become the mainstream of the market;
  10. 960W led grow light, 10 led bars, the highest energy and light, and the best plant promotion effect; this is a lamp developed for high-end customers; it can provide customers with the best plant harvest;
  11. The 0-10V dimming scheme is adopted to make the lamps meet the requirements of the plants in all periods of light;
  12. In the early stage of plant growth, the brightness of the light should be adjusted to 40% of the brightness of the whole lamp; under this light, the plant can grow vigorously;
  13. During the flowering period of the plant, the brightness of the light should be adjusted to 60-80% of the brightness of the whole lamp; under this light, the buds of the plant can be formed quickly, and there are more buds and full flowers;
  14. In the later stage of plant growth, the brightness of the light should be adjusted to 100% of the brightness of the whole lamp; under this light, the conversion efficiency of flowers and fruits of the plant is high, and the content of THC and CBD can be effectively increased;
  15. Unique UV+IR solution, used one month before harvest; can effectively improve yield and taste; Seoul UV 385nm lamp beads can provide restricted plant stem diameter and leaf growth, and provide sufficient nutrition for flowers and fruits; Osram 730nm far-infrared Lamp beads can stimulate cell growth, increase the content of CBD and THC, increase yield, and enhance taste;
  16. The digital dimmer can accurately give the dimming brightness of the lamps and meet the precise requirements of high-end customers for lighting;
  17. Using group control dimmer, through the digital dimmer, or mobile phone APP, it can control the brightness of 200 units at the same time, and can detect temperature and humidity; when the temperature or humidity is too high, it can give an alarm;
  18. The simple plug-in design makes the assembly easier and saves assembly costs and subsequent maintenance costs;
  19. The plug-in design also minimizes the packaging; thus more convenient;
  20. Aluminum alloy structure, strong and light, can provide structural guarantee for the long-term use of the lamp;

Should you require any of the LED mentioned above Grow Lights ,we’d take your farming experience to the next level.

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