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Quantum LED Grow Lights Buyer's Guide


In recent years, new LED lighting technology has developed rapidly. As the fourth generation of new lighting source, LED has many characteristics different from other electric light sources, which makes it become the first choice of energy-saving and environmental protection light source.


LED plant growth lamp with LED as the lighting body, can be used in the lack of sunlight in the environment, to meet the photosynthesis of plants to provide the required light conditions, so that plants can better growth and development. LED lamps have strong roots, promote, adjust the flowering period, color, promote fruit ripening, color, improve the taste and quality, and other functions.


Quantum LED Grow Lights are more powerful and efficient. They also cost less. They save electricity and generate less heat. The less heat allows the plant lamp to be closer to the plants without the fear of them being scorched. So LED lights can effectively promote the better growth of plants, so LED plant growth lights are widely adopted in the world.



Quantum LED plant lamps also have the following characteristics: a variety of wavelength types, just in line with the spectral range of plant light synthesis and light morphology; Spectrum width of half-width can be combined according to the need to obtain pure monochromatic light and composite spectrum; It can focus the light of specific wavelength to illuminate crops evenly. It can not only regulate the flowering and setting of crops but also control the plant height and plant nutrients. The system produces less heat and takes up less space. It can be used in a multi-layer cultivation stereo combination system to realize low heat load and small production space.


Setting Up a panel LED Grow Light. Don’t require you to put anything together, unlike other lamps that require you to assemble a reflector and ballast. The installation steps are as follows  

  1. Take out the grow light from the packing
  2. Use the rope clip hanger to hang the grow light above the plants, adjust the height
  3. Plugin your lights into their power outlets and turn on the grow lights.


Quantum LED Grow Lights serial products power: 120W, 240W, 320W, 450W, the grow light use Osram red light beads( 660nm) and high efficient white light beads (our company uses Seoul 3030 3500K white light or domestic famous brand 2835 white light),the PPE reach to 2.66 μmol / J; OSRAM 3030 Red Light Bead is recognized as the best light bead in the plant lighting industry for red light penetration and uniformity, and its light decline meets the LM80 requirement. And white light beads, promoting the growth of plants are also the most significant effects. The led grow lights is with the advanced full-spectrum technology , provides the exact LED grow lighting that your plants need for tremendous growth, effective for every developmental stage.


Power supply and heat sink

Reliable drivers ( Sosen power drivers)are safer and last longer, others, the power bracket isolates the power supply from the heat sink, so that the power supply has a lower temperature and long life in operation. the high-strength aluminum heating plate(the thick 4 mm aluminum heat sink)  can maintain a low working temperature and is not easily deformed. High-quality products bring the highest cost performance. No fan noise-free design will make your growing life easy and quiet.



Fair waterproofing(Rating: IP64), the high-quality waterproof connector for cables, Glue cover process coating on chips boards. Quality components mean the grow light can use plants grow environment lasts longer, but they also save you money.



The dimmer knob can adjust the brightness of the light for different growth periods of plants.  the grow light uses a 0-10V source of dimming function to control PPFD to meet every growth stage of plants, which are the best replacement for traditional halogen lamps and sodium lamps. Apply to Greenhouse, Vertical farming, Plant cultivation, and so on.



suggested hanging distance and lighting time



time /day









8-12H on






10-14H on






12-16H on





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