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Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001
Small Red Light Therapy Panel
Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001
Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001
Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001
Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001

Small Full Body Red Light Panel YL-IRP-001

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YouLumi Mini Red Light Therapy Panel YL-IRP-001



Product Name YL-IRP-001
Input Vollage AC 110-240V
Bean Angle 30°
Irradiance >110 mW/cm²@6cinch
Net Weight 2.5Kg
Acture Power 150w
LED QTY 100pcs /3535
Spectrum 850nm & 660nm
Dimensions(mm) 265*220*70mm (10.43"*8.66"*2.76")
Lifespan 50000hrs



  • SAY GOODBYE TO EXPENSIVE SPA: Saving numerous time and money to regain healthy mind and body at home. The YouLumi YL-IRP-001 light therapy lamp features multi-functional LED screen system, exclusive appearance plus modular and stand capability allows you better control of your device. 10 minutes of irradiation with our red light therapy is equal to 20 minutes of other devices - an easy way to optimize collagen production and improve workout recovery without the effort.
  • RESTORE YOUR HEALTHY AND STRONG SELF: Thanks to high powered and affordable LEDs, all the benefits of near infrared light therapy can now be achieved at home in just minutes a day. Red light for skin health, near infrared light for deep tissue and muscle restoration. Combine the two for optimum effect and benefit! Light is as essential to cells as food is to people. Power consumption: 150W. The greater the power consumption, the better effect you get.
  • NATURAL & PERSONALIZED: Our red light panel use clinically proven wavelengths of red (660) and near infrared light (850). Red and infrared light therapy brings the powerful effect for both superficial & topical as well as deep tissue. Smart control system gives you greater flexibility and personalization to create your own therapy, press the time button five times to check the number of uses.
  • SAFE, PORTABLE & EFFICIENT RED LIGHT THERAPY: The YouLumi YL-IRP-001 delivers an irradiance of higher than 110mw/cm² at the surface. Our red light therapy device offers multiple ways to use. Low heat release for skin contact use, get the healthy benefits while you are working, relaxing or lying down. The beam angle is 30 degree, 0 EMF at 3 inches.
  • GREAT GIFT IDEA: Red light therapy is suitable for anyone and is a great Christmas gift or birthday present for your family and friends. Our worry-free 1 years warranty and friendly customer service makes you feel like grandma's love! The 30-day testing period is sure to bring you peace of mind!







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Healthy benifits
YouLumi devices emit red and near-infrared light designed to reduce pain, relax muscles/joints, and increase blood circulation.
1,Stimulates Cellular Energy
2, Reduces Joint Pain and Inflammation
3, Relax Sore Muscles/Joints
4, Increase Blood Flow

treatment guidelines
Standard treatment: 10-minute treatments at 16-24 inches from your device is optimal. 15-20 minutes for symptomatic areas may be beneficial, but beyond that, the evidence points to diminishing returns (your cells can only absorb so much light at once).
How often: To get the most out of your YouLumi treatments, consistency is key. YouLumi recommends once daily use, although 2-3 times per day may be beneficial for symptomatic areas.