Does Red Light Therapy Work Through Clothes?

Today, when you talk about modern wellness and esthetic treatments, red light therapy is at the forefront of every talk. But a whispered debate intrigued us: “Can red Light therapy works its magic through our clothes”. Here we’re with this mystery to be solved.

Though, this safe and non-invasive therapy offers a groundbreaking wellness modality,  hailed for its potential benefits for wound healing, skin rejuvenation, pain relief, and many cellular-level treatments, what if you can get all this while wearing your favorite tees?

For those seeking the convenience of at-home treatments with red light therapy device, This question triggers curiosity about the fascinating interaction between light technology and textiles, so let’s uncover how your wardrobe choices can impact your wellness routine.

Understanding Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy, you sometimes hear as RLT, is a low-level and non-invasive light treatment that’s all about operating on a wavelength in the red and near-infrared light to generate different biological processes within the human body.

Imagine this as a healing and rejuvenating technique as simple as basking in the glow of a targeted wavelength of light.

You can get this therapy in action through specialized devices such as Red light therapy panel, red light therapy cap, belts, or even hand held red light therapy, making it accessible for home use or in clinical settings. Yeah, they're like your own personal healing arsenal, right at home or in the doctor's office.

This kind of therapeutic technique operates via a phenomenon called photobiomodulation science, where light interacts with body cells in order to trigger a broad spectrum of physiological responses.

Studies seem to show that these specialized 850nm red light therapy, once absorbed, kickstart the mitochondria—the cell's powerhouse—stimulate the production of growth factors and reduce oxidative stress in the skin.

So, whether you want to alleviate muscle soreness after hitting the gym or want to get away from those joint pains that just don't quit, the red light therapy belt works like a secret weapon for healing all those painful inflammations.

Not just that, the incredible handheld red light therapy device works wonders to improve skin health and appearance. By stimulating the production of collagen, a protein responsible for maintaining skin elasticity and reducing wrinkles, you can say goodbye to all those skin wrinkles, fine lines, and annoying skin conditions like psoriasis or acne.

And Not to forget, These mind-blowing red light therapy belts are there to enhance your athletic performance and facilitate you in the management of mood disorders like anxiety and depression–an instant mood booster just like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day.

And, for the best results, The red light therapy panels will treat most of your body to get full-body healing. This higher-powered device offers higher doses better for athletic performance.

So, next time when you feel a bit rundown or your skin needs some loving care, consider giving red light therapy a chance. It's like a spa day without leaving your house—what's not to love?

The Science Behind Red Light Therapy and Penetration Depth

When we talk about light, it’s not just about the thing we used to see with our eyes, there’s a lot of spectrum science out there, from the blues to the red and far beyond what our eyes can detect. While you explore these wavelengths, it reveals some pretty interesting interactions with your body tissues.

Here’s, how it goes down: Compared to other wavelengths in the spectrum, red light and near-infrared light between the wavelength of 660nm and 890nm get absorbed by your skin cells–especially by those mitochondria–you know the powerhouse of your cells.

Once it enters your skin tissues, approximately 80% of the red light energy is absorbed in the first 2cm which then continues with activating several biological reactions, leading to an increase in cellular turnover, superficial circulation, and an anti-inflammatory emission, just like the flicking of a switch for your cells.

First, it levels up the cell engines and boosts all the energy production. This turns your body cells to function better whether it’s about repairing tissues, fighting inflammation, or bringing that plump or youthful glow to the skin.

And what’s the best part? RTL does all this without any harmful effects or downtime. Imagine giving your body a gentle nudge in the right direction to help it heal itself.

So, when you buckle around with a Red light therapy belt, know that there’s some serious science working at work, giving you a buzz of energy, and your body gets a little booster inside out.

Not just that, but Youlumistore offers a range of high-quality red light therapy device designed to deliver effective results. Our devices are equipped with advanced features to ensure optimal light transmission and absorption. Whether you’re looking for red light therapy for body pain or skin rejuvenation, our devices can help you achieve your goals. So, get ready to Experience the benefits of red light therapy with Youlumistore today!

Is Red Light Therapy Safe?

Red Light therapy is the most safest and non-ablative technique and doesn’t involve any harmful UV rays as with those found in sunlight or tanning beds. The spot red light used during this therapy generally falls within the visible and near-infrared spectrum of wavelengths, which is well tolerated by human skin.

However, there are some limitations that require your highest attention while usage. This includes adhering to the specifications and recommendations of the red light therapy device and equipping yourself with precautionary eyewear to shield the eyes from direct light exposure.

And if you get careless when exposing your skin to red light for too long, mind you, you can end up with Skin irritation, damage, and burns. Also, Avoid getting in contact with red light therapy if you’ve photosensitivity or have any underlying medical conditions.

Types of Clothing That May Affect RLT Efficacy

To make the most of Red Light therapy, it’s often advised to administer the red light therapy device directly to the skin. However, if you prefer modesty or comfort in wearing clothes during treatment, it is best to go with thin, light-colored, and loosely woven fabrics.  This allows a greater amount of red light to reach the skin layer, maximizing the therapy's effectiveness. Conversely, tight-fitting or thick fabrics may obstruct the light and reduce its penetration.

Light and breathable fabrics, such as cotton or linen, are best suited as these materials enable the light to reach the skin more efficiently, maximizing its healing properties.

When it comes to color, it's best to stick with lighter shades such as white and light grey. These colors reflect red light and penetrate well into the skin, unlike darker colors that absorb more light and may hinder its penetration.

And…Not to mention, the weave of the different fabrics also influences its light penetration, as tighter weaves tend to obstruct heavy light as compared to those with looser weaves. There are some cases in which specialized clothing is designed for the sake of light therapy; fabric materials are optimized to pass desired light wavelengths while fabric provides adequate coverage.

To enhance the permeability of red light through clothes, Yolumistore has developed red light therapy devices that can be worn on the body. These Red Light Therapy Devices, are specifically designed to emit therapeutic red light directly onto the skin, even if clothing is worn. They provide a convenient solution for those who prefer to have clothing on during treatment sessions.

Considering Some Practical Implications

  1. To get accelerated and high RLT benefits, go with fabrics that are lightweight and breathable with fewer layers. Garments with fewer weaves or lighter tones are way more suitable and allow light penetration to a great extent. However,  in order to obtain optimal results for the sake of skin health or wound healing, there should be direct skin exposure to light
  1. If you aim for targeted therapeutic effects, definitely go for direct skin exposure via an RLT device. This would minimize all of the potential restrictions caused by clothing pieces and will pass the light directly to the skin and its underlying tissues.
  1. Sometimes, when you stick around situations where RTL usage is more practical over clothing due to privacy concerns or modesty, Opt for clothing that has appropriate properties, like it should be lightweight or less opaque; this would help to improve the overall effectiveness of RLT.

Empirical Studies Or Expert Opinions On The Effectiveness Of RLT Through Clothing.

Different empirical studies have explored the impact of different fabric materials on the transmission and absorption of red light, and further investigate whether RLT can harness desired physiological outcomes when applied via different clothing types.

As per the findings, the outcomes vary depending on factors such as fabric type, thickness, or targeting specific light wavelength to be set in the therapy. Findings showcase that RLT has the ability to penetrate the clothing to some point, but the varying degree of penetration might be influenced by different evident factors.

Fabrics that were thinner or more translucent, such as lightweight cotton or any synthetic materials, allowed a rather big proportion of light to pass through clothing, resulting in noticeable benefits.

Conversely, fabrics that were thicker or kind of opaque, such as denim. leather or any heavy wool, obscure light penetration; ultimately reducing the therapy's effectiveness.

Many studies even point out the positive results of RLT application while it's administered via clothing, especially for the sake of wellness applications. But, for therapeutic purposes like skin rejuvenation and skin exposure to light, these are generally taken into consideration for generating optimal results.

Maximizing the Benefits of Red Light Therapy

Now that we’ve learned about red light therapy as a valuable technique to increase the body’s repair potential and wound healing, it’s pretty clear that this therapy holds immense promise in clinical wound treatment.

But here’s a thing: To truly harness the power and maximize its potential benefits, it's imperative for an individual undergoing red light therapy to understand its inner working mechanisms and best practices to ensure optimized outcomes and accelerated healing.

To get you to unlock its full potential and pave the way for an excellent clinical outcome, consider these pointers below.

Know the Science:

First thing first, familiarize yourself with the working principle of red light therapy, By this, we mean, knowing how red and near-infrared light penetrates one’s skin and promotes cellular functioning.  Getting all this would help you set realistic expectations and aid you in tailoring your treatment approach accordingly.

Get Your Hands On The Right Device

Selecting an appropriate red light therapy device is crucial to acquiring the healing benefits. The right red light therapy device can work wonders for your skin and give you an instant uplift once it delivers the optimal wavelength, has maximum power output, and offers you an optimal coverage area for treatment. Luckily, Youlumistore has got an amazing range of devices with wavelengths within the therapeutic range (typically between 630 to 850 nanometers) and has sufficient power output for effective treatment.

Positioning the Devices On the Targeted Area:

It’s pretty fascinating that red light therapy devices come in many shapes and sizes, here; you’ve got belts, caps, panels, and handheld, so you can use them precisely to address specific concerns. Whether you’re suffering from joint pain, worsened skin conditions, or muscle soreness, get your perfect set of red light therapy devices for each body area to reap maximum benefit.

Optimize Treatment Parameters:

While all other measures are true, paying attention to the frequency, treatment duration and distance of these red light exposures to your skin is fundamental to getting what’s it meant for. As a general rule, start with shorter treatment times and go up as you can tolerate. This ensures your skin doesn't have any adverse effects, prevents overexposure to the light, and minimizes the risk of skin irritation.

Within a few sessions, if you're not experiencing any sensitivity, increase your treatment duration. Know that consistency is always the key, so aim for regular sessions several times a week.

Indulge in Proper Skin Care

The effectiveness of red light therapy lies in the proper penetration of red light photons into the skin layer and if your skin is covered with any of the substance, it won't show off its results. So, before using your red light therapy wand, get your skin thoroughly clean from any lotions, creams, or makeup before each session.

You can even go for frequent skin exfoliation to remove dead cells and improve light penetration.  Properly preparing your skin for red light therapy can significantly enhance the results of this cutting-edge treatment.

Avoid Excessive Layering

This has also been seen to interfere with light penetration. So, if you plan to apply your 850nm red light therapy while having your clothes on, you should keep your clothes layers to the minimum because if not, it will reduce the potential benefits of the therapy. Minimizing clothing layers will ensure optimal light transmission, hence benefitting more from the treatment.

Keep Track Of The Progress

Monitoring the signs of improvements and changes in pain symptoms and skin conditions such as skin texture, appearance, pain levels, and mobility helps you adjust the treatment approach as per your need so you can better gauge the effectiveness of red light therapy to your best interests.

Consultation From A Professional

Last but not least, Consulting your skin care professional for personalized product recommendations is what you should look always for to optimize the benefits of red light therapy. In most cases, Your skincare consultant can also help you identify products that align with your aesthetic and health goals while avoiding those that may be counterproductive.


With all that we cover in the blog, one thing is sure: Red Light therapy lets you experience the full extent of its benefits and elevates your journey toward enhanced well-being and healing. Its ability to boost wound healing is one of the noteworthy applications as it gives a push to the recovery process from pain relief, and skin health improvement, to mood regulation and quality sleep.

However, when having a red light therapy session through clothes, some practical considerations regarding fabric material, color, and thickness may be of great importance because they will ensure optimal therapy efficiency.

As noted above, selecting loose-fitting garments made from lightweight and breathable materials is important as it will help maximize red light wavelength penetration during therapy sessions. This means that you will be able to get a better experience and optimize on potential health benefits of this state–of–the–art therapy.

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