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Red Light for Hair Growth

Red Light Hat


Product Type Red Light Caps
Type Red Light
Product Name YL-IRW-005
Acture Power 22W
Input Voltage(adaptor) DC 12V / 3A
LED QTY 160pcs 5050
Bean Angle 120°
Wavelength 940:850:630=1:1:1
Irradiance > 170mw/cm²@0inch
Dimensions(mm) 260*200*125mm / 10.24"x7.87"x4.72"
Net Weight 0.25kg
Lifespan 50,000hrs


  • FDA CLEARED & PROVEN: Clinically proven technology and FDA Cleared for men and women. The laser phototherapy provided by YouLumi is the ONLY non-drug FDA Cleared treatment option for hereditary hair loss, alopecia, pattern baldness, thinning hair, and receding hairline. There are no adverse side effects ever reported. YouLumi Red light therapy hat devices are proven to regrow hair with an average hair count increase of 129 additional new hairs per sq. inch.

  • FAST TREATMENT: Recommended treatment time is just 30 minutes, 3 times weekly (every other day). Note: YouLumi red light therapy hat is designed to flash on and off during its use. the battery contains smart technology to monitor the battery level to make sure it does not overcharge. It conforms to ISO5536-1:2006, the international standard of temperature safety regulations.

  • EXCLUSIVE BIO-LIGHT COMFORT: Exclusive Bio-Light Comfort design for focused laser light delivery through calibrated openings, provides an unobstructed flow of light energy to reach your hair follicles. NOTE: While the YouLumi Cap fits most head sizes comfortably. Not recommended for heads larger than 22.5 in. (57.15cm) in circumference. It also contains smart battery technology to monitor battery level and avoid over-charging.

  • DOCTOR RECOMMENDED: with over 90% success rate in clinical studies, users experience visible results in as little as 3 to 6 months (results vary). Founded in 2012, with 1.8+ million devices worldwide, YouLumi is the Global Leader and Pioneer in laser hair growth. Doctors recommend YouLumi red light therapy hat to treat Androgenetic alopecia – which includes Hereditary Hair Loss, Male and Female pattern hair loss, menopause related hair loss, and age related hair loss & thinning.

  • Get Noticeable Results Quickly & Easily: If you want professional, painless hair growth results, then you'll love the ease and comfort of YouLumi red light therapy hat; In just 4-6 months, YouLumi hair growth system is the fastest path back to a fuller head of healthy hair; Simply press a button to start your 15-30 minute session 3 times a week and the system will automatically turn off once complete; It’s never been easier to regain your confidence and get back to your very best self!


Research shows, that the wavelengths in the spectrum of 630-950nm show optimal biotical response

  • Decreases pain or headache
  • Improve Brain Disorder
  • Hair Re-growth
  • Neurodegenra


  1. Do not submerge the hat or its accorrities.
  2. Children and pregnant women are not recommended to use.
  3. Do not use over 30 minutes by once treatment.
  4. Do not stare at the light directly for long time.

Package included

  • Red light hat * 1
  • Adaptor / Power cord * 1
  • USB cable * 1
  • Controller * 1
  • User Manual * 1

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