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Red Light Therapy Device for Cold Sore,Red Light Torch Therapy,Management Shoulder Knees Hands Pain Relief ect,Home Use Red Light Therapy with 3 Kinds of Light,Also for Pet

Red Light Therapy Device for Cold Sore,Red Light Torch Therapy,Management Shoulder Knees Hands Pain Relief ect,Home Use Red Light Therapy with 3 Kinds of Light,Also for Pet

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  • ⏩3 kind of red light - Red 630, deep red 660nm & 850nm, provide the best combined of red light.Revitalize the skin more deeply,which have been proven to be particularly beneficial for the human body.
  • ⏩Portable and easy to use - Rechargeable,The red light therapy torch lightweight and portable,can be easily put in a bag or clothing pocket to enjoy light therapy anytime & anywhere,whether at home or travelingWhether at home or traveling.
  • ⏩Natural light - Easy, safe, natural and mild, get rid of traditional methods.
  • ⏩For different situations: From the outside to the inside,can be used for the whole body, it can not only stimulate skin vitality, such as wrinkle removal, freckle removal, and skin brightening.You also get fast and effective relief from stiff body,sore muscles. Manages common pain or burst pain flare-ups. Great for back, neck, shoulder, knees, hands,foot. it can help improve musculoskeletal cervical back ache fatigue etc .
  • ⏩The perfect gift - Upgrade version set: 1X storage box with zipper protection,1X Red Light Therapy Torch,1XWrist band,1X goggles, 1X charging Cable. 1X dust-free cloth,The best gift for family colleague or friends to pain relief.

Safe and Effective,Simple, fast. Professional grade in a small, portable and convenient package.


  • As soon as you get the red light cold sore, charge it fully before use. Usage time is approximately three hours.
  • Dust off your red light therapy devices easily with the included cleaning cloth.
  • Reduce any possible unfavorable of LED eye exposure for more than three minutes at a time, and slip on the included protective glasses.

Red-630 nm | Red-660 nm Near Infrared-850 nm


  • Red-630 nm | Red-660 nm | Near Infrared-850 nm
  • Implant 3 LEDS,Red Light Therapy Device with 3 Wavelengths
  • 850nm *1 LED
  • 660nm *1 LED
  • 630nm *1 LED
  • Tip: Only two of the three LEDs are visible during use

Detachable, convenient storage box to carry


  • The red light torch is easy to use, and at the touch of a button, you may be on your way to better wholesome. Wrap it around your wrist with the included wrist strap.
  • Conveniently place the Red Light Therapy Device for Pain Relief into the Storage Box after each use to prevent damage or lost.

Wide application -Applicable to different parts of the body and different situations

Red light device for muscle reliever application is very wide,It can be used by men, women and children,even pets can use it. It can be used in the home office fitness, and can also be carried with you for outdoor camping, sports, etc.

Address sore, muscle and cold sore, Management Shoulder Knees Hands Pain Relief,and more, with red and near infrared LEDs,infrared light therapy for pain


Promote the activity of blood cells and the regeneration of protein cells

Special optical lens to ensure enough Irradiance. > 140mW/cm2, at 0.4inch.The irradiation distance is subject to comfort. Please wear goggles,Do not look directly at the infrared device for a long time (when the light is on)


Relax muscles, soften skin, reduce pain

660 nanometers can be absorbed more effectively by skin and promote collagen, accelerate cell activity.850nm wavelengths penetrates deep into the skin, direct to deep body tissue, and be particularly helpful. also works on animals, Pet owners can use to prevent or relieve pain,skin soreness in pets.


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